Dogs are the best pet you can ever have. They are the most loving, honest, and cute pets. Dogs get along with humans easily and adopt habits and understand human language. They can be like a sibling to your lonely kid. They can help your child be happy and content.

And so you are wondering which breed you should have for your kid. Well, we have listed up some of the best ones. You can opt among them.

1)Labrador Retriever

This breed is quite famous for its friendly behavior and trusting nature. These breeds are highly intelligent and which is why armies adopt them. Their undeniable detecting ability has made them a good choice.

2)German Shepherd

Although this breed has a large intimidating appearance, German Shepherds are usually gentle brainy dogs with their basic loyalty. They are popular Guard dogs.

3) Bulldog

The most attention-grabbing quality is that they lack space for their exercise. The docile and friendly breed is ideal for those with small home spaces.

4) Poodle

The miniature and toy-like poodle is an active, intelligent, and mischievous dog. Their name reflects their behavior as poodle translates to the German word puddle meaning “to splash about.”

These are the top four options of dog breeds you can opt for.

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