A person’s photogenic qualities may not always imply that he or she is attractive. Then there’s the opposite way around. It is, in reality, a skill to turn out wonderful in photographs. And if you’re willing to put in a little effort, you can learn how to appear beautiful in photos.

In this day and age of social media, even the most introverted of people will pull out their phones to take a selfie now and again. Some people post the photo, while others lament spending their priceless time because none of the hundreds and dozens of photographs are good enough. Finally, you come to the conclusion that you are simply not photogenic and that you are not worth photographing.

In truth, the image of oneself in a selfie does not reflect how you seem in real life. To begin with, the features of your face closest to the camera will look considerably larger in the shot than they actually are (a lot of people get frustrated about their nose, for example). Your face characteristics would have come out fairly correctly in the photo if you had incredibly long arms (about 1.5 meters). However, because we must hold the phone camera near to our faces, our qualities are distorted.

Second, we are unfamiliar with what we see in selfies. Aren’t we more accustomed to inspecting ourselves in a regular mirror? We want to take a selfie when we think we look beautiful in the mirror. However, what we see is not the same as what we see in our mirror.

This is because we view ourselves in reverse in the mirror, yet your left and right sides do not switch when you take a photo. Because our faces aren’t symmetrical, we can see the difference between how we look in the mirror and how we appear in photographs. And it doesn’t necessarily imply that you looked horrible in the photograph. You’re not used to noticing things like this.

We all have a favorite side or posture that we believe looks better in selfies and is more ‘photogenic.’ If you haven’t already seen it, try swiping your phone across your face and shooting “hundreds of images.” Then select your favorites, bearing in mind how you held the phone and how you rotated your face. This might be your ‘strong suit.’

Maintain the camera up (the bottom part of the phone should be at the same level as your eyes or forehead); tuck your chin in slightly; keep your eyes wide open, and gently lift your brows.

It’s never appealing to have a double chin. If you try to depict a 3D world in a 2D format, you’ll almost always end up with one. Even if you don’t have a double chin in real life, because your neck and chin are basically one body part, the results will be unflattering. As a result, attempt to present yourself in the best light possible. Yes, the attitude may appear odd in person, but your neck will photograph beautifully.

It’s likely that you’ll want to seem nice and cheerful in your selfie. Instead of faking a grin or saying “cheese,” think about something that truly makes you happy. Take a lovely memory from your treasure chest and experience it in your picture, and we guarantee you’ll have a gorgeous facial expression.

Source: pixobo