Becoming a father is a beautiful and great experience. And you don’t know how to surprise them with this big happiness, know Ideas to do so.

1) Make Daddy T-shirt

Customize your partner a shirt that says “Hello Daddy.” And then walk in the room wearing your “Hello Mommy” shirt while giving your partner his priceless gift.

2) Cake Topper

Order your partner’s favorite dessert and decorate a cake topper with something like “We are Having A Baby!”

3) Pet Shirt

Make or order a shirt for your pet. Dress your pet in the shirt and have your pet greet your partner when they come through the door as kids do.

4) Sparkling Fruit Juice Label

Feeling bubbly? Craft a bottle label with your pregnancy announcement. And then pour a glass of sparkling fruit juice for yourselves.

They may get a bit confused once they notice it’s a non-alcoholic drink. Then reveal the label after which they want a real drink to celebrate this special moment.

5) Photo Shoot

Call your photographer to take a picture of you and your partner. Do signs that say, “I’m pregnant” and put a finger over your mouth. Make them turn around to read the news.

They’ll be thankful for the photoshoot once their reaction is captured on camera!

6. Eating For Two Bowls

Eat more than normal serve two bowls for yourself and point them and when they get the hint it will the breakfast to remember for life.

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