Heat, humidity, and rain all have a negative impact on your hair and skin. During this time of year, makeup always suffers. You have a major task ahead of you with makeup melting during the monsoons. It’s not a good idea to go out with tonnes of makeup on, yet it’s also not a good idea to go barefaced. Just a few changes to your regular cosmetic products will go a long way toward helping you combat the weather. So don’t be concerned about your foundation and mascara smudged all over your face; it can be avoided. Here are a few helpful techniques to keep your makeup from melting during the monsoons.

Oil-based moisturizers are not recommended during this season because they will make your face more greasy. Your makeup is unappealing, and it has a negative impact on your mood. In such a condition, it is critical to use a moisturizer to care for the face and keep the skin hydrated. You will greatly benefit from a water-based moisturizer.

Try to use as little foundation and concealer on your face as feasible. Instead, use foundation powder, Compaq, or comparable products. Your makeup will wear longer and leave a matte finish on your face.

If your skin is greasy, avoid using eyeliner. During rainy days, liner tends to smudge, ruining your entire appearance. If you must apply, use a waterproof liner.

During rainy days, lipsticks can sometimes be a pain. It’s due to the moisture content and, sometimes, sweat. Matte lipstick is your best bet in this case. Matte lipsticks last longer on the lips than glossy lipsticks.

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