Check out 5 Must Visit Green Places In Maharashtra

Amboli -For The Lover of Nature

Amboli, which lies 2260 feet above sea level, is one of the top tourist destinations in Maharashtra during the summer. Amboli, which is one of the coolest destinations in Maharashtra for all nature lovers to relax and refresh, is perched high on the Sahyadri Hills of the Western Ghats.

Khandala -The Natural Beauty

Khandala, which is only 3 kilometers from the famous Lonavala, is another stunning destination in Maharashtra to visit in May. It would be worthwhile to spend your holiday in this natural wonder since Khandala has a lovely summer environment and is one of the top summer vacation spots in Maharashtra.

Matheran – Smallest Hill Station In India

Even though Matheran is the smallest hill station in India, it has a lot to offer travelers looking for summertime destinations in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra’s Raigad district, Matheran offers adventurous spirits with its lush green and wooded paths that are great for trekking and climbing and rich in wildlife. You should travel to one of Maharashtra’s top hill towns, and that would be this one.

Malshej Ghat – A True Nature’s Paradise

Malshej Ghat is what you would term a genuine naturalist’s paradise, nestled in a stunning setting among the towering mountains, peaceful waterfalls, and countless gorgeous lakes. This destination, which is renowned among the locals for being the ideal weekend escape from Pune, Mumbai, and Thane, is also well-known for trekking and hiking activities, making it one of the best locations to visit in Maharashtra in the summer.

Toranmal – Lush Landscapes

One of the top summer vacation spots in Maharashtra is Toranmal. The term “Tarona,” a deity revered by the local tribes, has been used as the name of this location. For those who love nature, this little hill station is ideal. In Toranmal, there are a number of lovely lakes, undiscovered caverns, and viewpoints.

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