Being one of the largest educational and economic centres of Southern India, Chennai is one of the top cities for IT companies and several other businesses to thrive. We are sure that you, too, must have paid a visit to this bustling city once for official purposes or are planning a leisurely trip in the near future. Chennai, located at the heart of South India, carries the remnants of British colonial rule alongside a rich Indian cultural heritage.

The city is the home to British architecture, temples, and churches that attract history lovers and pilgrims. While there are renowned tourist attractions, this South Indian city also has some hidden gems that are loved by adventurous travellers, and Hyderabadis are no exception. Find the list of must-visit attractions and off-the-beaten-path wonders in Chennai in the following section of this blog.

Check out this Must-visit Attractions and Hidden Gems of Chennai

After landing at the Chennai airport from Hyd to Chennai flights, please don’t limit yourself to just visiting famous tourist attractions. The city has some fun and unexplored places, too. Below is a list of the must-visit attractions and hidden gems in Chennai that truly deserve your attention:

● Marina Beach

Feeling exhausted from the scorching temperatures of Chennai? Let the stunning Marina Beach be a refreshing spot for you. Beaches in Chennai are the longest beaches in India as well as in the world. Do you have enough time during the morning or evening? We request you not to miss the mesmerising sight of the sun rising or setting from the Marina beach. You can shop for souvenirs like shell keepsakes and imitation jewellery from the stalls lining the beach. Marina Beach is among the top destinations in Chennai to enjoy with friends. It offers opportunities to build sandcastles or engage in activities like beach volleyball.
● Caves of Little Mount

Little Mount in Saidapet is where the apostle St. Thomas resided and spread his teachings upon arriving in India. St. Thomas, one of the 12 apostles of Christ, is said to have inhabited these caves for numerous years. The caves, which are meticulously preserved, still bear the impressive footprints of St. Thomas on the rocks. Additionally, a small spring located near the caves is believed to have existed since St. Thomas’ time, and remarkably, it never runs dry. Pilgrims hold this water in high regard for its sacredness and make pilgrimages to collect it. The caves of Little Mount hold significant historical and religious significance.

● Ashtalakshmi Temple

After you have successfully booked your flight tickets from Chennai To Hyderabad, don’t forget to visit the visually appealing Ashtalakshmi Temple. It should be on your list of the must-visit places when in Chennai

Known as the dwelling of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity and Wisdom, Ashtalakshmi Temple stands just a few kilometres away from Besant Beach. It ranks among the top destinations for visitors in Chennai. Built to honour the eight incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi, the temple exudes a divine atmosphere that instils a sense of tranquillity. What sets this place apart? The waves of the ocean reverberate in the temple area, which makes it way more peaceful. Perfect place to give rest to those stresses while enlightening yourself spiritually, isn’t it?

● The Broken Bridge

Situated in Adyar, this abandoned and neglected bridge leading to nowhere stands out as a unique attraction in Chennai. It offers a picturesque spot to witness the stunning sunset. Positioned at the confluence of the Adyar River estuary and the Bay of Bengal, the bridge suffered a partial collapse in 1977 due to powerful river currents and has since remained unrepaired. Initially constructed to aid fishermen in crossing from Santhome Beach to Elliot’s Beach over the Adyar River, it now serves as a popular filming location and a favourite hangout spot for young people. A visit to the Broken Bridge guarantees you those perfect Instagram-worthy shots.

● Connemara Public Library

Nerds, the Connemara Library is where you’ll find every textbook you could ever think of. Don’t you believe us? It is one of the four depository libraries in the country that house almost all literary works published in India. From historical scriptures to periodicals to contemporary books, this library has them all. Connemara also has a video room, reference room and periodic hall to help readers. Could you imagine how big this library is? You have to check it out for yourself!

● Royapuram Fishing Harbour

While a fishing harbour might not initially capture your interest, witnessing the fishermen haul in their freshly caught fish is truly captivating. Remember to capture the stunning views of the pier and surrounding backwaters. Wondering what activities you can enjoy at this spot? Perhaps try your hand at fishing or simply learn about the various fish species found here! Arrive early in the morning to witness the fish being unloaded and auctioned off to restaurant owners from across the city.

Wrapping Up

Much has been spoken about the myriad offbeat encounters that this city presents. It’s only when you immerse yourself in them that they transform into cherished memories. Explore these unique corners of this enchanting city to unveil the essence of what makes it truly remarkable.