The actor talks about his stay in Lonavla…

Lonavla is the place to vacation during monsoons: Aman Yatan Verma

Talk about suavity and success and the name of Aman Yatan Verma, the indomitable figure in the realm of performing arts, pops in your mind’s eye.

An iconic thespian with multiple acting accolades under his belt, Aman today is a household name having legions of fans all across the globe.

“Life has been good and work satisfying. We actors are thinking, performing round the clock, sometimes putting in more than 14 hours a day, hence at times it’s necessary to relax, sit back and take a chill,” says Aman to

Given his busy schedule, Aman, a resident of Mumbai, likes a quick weekend getaway to picturesque Lonavla, a valley which blooms into a green heaven when touched by drops of rain.

“If it’s monsoon, it’s got to be Lonavla, it’s beautiful. The rains, the waterfalls, the green carpet all over, it acts as a balmy effect on your senses and is a welcome respite from the hustle bustle of city life. I visited Lonavla this weekend and had a wonderful time with loved ones. There are some comfortable resorts to stay which makes your experience all the more enriching and rejuvenating,” ends Aman with a smile.

Talking about resorts, one of the most preferred ones is Rhythm Lonavla: An All

Suite Resort.  Check out Rhythm’s soothing ambience in the video below.

Go Lonavla, go Rhythm…