Uttarakhand has long been known for its unusual yet beautiful landscapes that attract visitors from all over the world, not just from India. The surroundings of Uttarakhand’s Nainital, with its stunning lakes, forests, and mountains, provide a setting for a pleasant vacation that guests will remember for years.
If you’re thinking about visiting Nainital, we propose staying in one of the town’s most popular guest homes, which will add to the tranquility of the town and provide unforgettable views of the mountains, valleys, and Nainital Lake.

[1] Shiva guest house
Shiva Guest House is magnificence personified, and it is one of the most prestigious guest houses in Nainital, where visitors continue to throng for lodging throughout their visit. This guest house’s lovely settings transport you straight into the heart of nature. It presents a variety of services so that you can indulge yourself without any limitations. The location offers a comfortable stay at reasonable rates.

Pricing: INR 5,600/- is the price.

Amenities: WIFI is free, parking is free, and room service is available.
Activities: include a visit to Snow View Point and a visit to Nainital Lake.

[2] Stuti guest house
This Nainital guest house is stylishly designed, with sleek décor and top-notch amenities to fulfill the needs of the guests. This is an excellent spot to stay for a long time because the pricing is reasonable and won’t break the bank.
The guest house’s view of the hills offers you the feeling of being closer to nature. The beautiful scenery will help you relax.
Pricing INR 1,919

Amenities: Free wifi, room service, and 24 hours help desk
Activities: Visit Nainital lake, tiffin top exploration, and G B pant high altitude zoo
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