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Check how to see how the new actress Mairembam Ronaldo Singh will leave you spellbound with her charm.

5 Times Mairembam Ronaldo Singh Left Us Spellbound

Mariembam Ronaldo Singh is an actress by profession. She left everyone speechless with her role in web series ”Paatal Lok”. The budding actress from the Northeast has left a mark with her brilliant acting in the TV industry through her role in Paatal Lok.

Mairembam is a transgender actress and in many interviews, she has been vocal about her difficulties and judgements she faces because of her gender. In the series, Mairembam plays the role of Cheeni or Mary Lyndoh who is a young transgender girl abandoned by her family. Marianmbam being a transgender herself very much relates to the character of Cheeni. Through this role the problems that LGBT community faces, their struggles with how the society treats them is depicted.

Mairembam Ronaldo Singh has been receiving a lot of acclaim for playing the difficult character, even though it was her first time facing the camera she did a marvellous job at portraying the character at its finest. Mairembam definitely left us speechless and spellbound with her acting on screen, but take a look at what this diva does during her spare time. These amazing pictures and videos of Mairembam Ronaldo Singh will surely live you amazed.

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