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Amidst the issue of Assam burning, acclaimed Assamese actor Arghadeep Baruah talks about his states, present crisis situation.

Assamese actor Arghadeep Baruah on his state’s crisis, silent protest, hunger strike

Assam is burning. And many local artistes and stars have risen in protest. One of them is the young socio-politically committed actor Arghadeep Baruah who recently played the lead in the acclaimed film Aamis.

Arghadeep who is part of a swelling growing tide of protesting artistes in Assam says. “I have always been a believer in ahimsa. So I was really disturbed when things got rough in Assam. During the first few days after the CAB was passed the police indulged in firing, lathi charges and also vandalism was indulged in by some miscreants which I sadly believe also led to the martyrdom of five young souls.”

Now the strong artistic voices in Assam are in the midst of a hunger strike.

Says Arghadeep, “I am happy to let you know that post 14th December we’ve undertaken a mass hunger strike headed by the greater population of Assam. It is supported by AASU(All Assam Students’ Union) and the cultural and cinema community of Assam. It was decided there that only peaceful satyagraha will be made in the day time till 5 pm. This timeline cut is followed by the curfew imposed by the Government.”

It has also been decided these silent protests will not hamper the normal working of Guwahati and Assam.

Says the young actor-activist, “It was also decided that students will continue to attend schools and colleges. Offices will run normally. But we will also protest against CAA. Right now the mobile internet is still banned in most of the parts in Assam. With the relaxation of broadband, we are a little re-connected with the world. The global community can hear us from here in Assam. The people of Assam have united to raise their voice and make the statement that no vote bank politics in the name of religion will be accepted. And we are not going to be a dumping ground either.”

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