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Actor Ayaan Khan has a gala birthday bash

Birthday bash of Actor Ayaan Khan

 Actor Ayaan Khan celebrated his birthday yesterday on Nov 1st with his upcoming album team while his followers and friends showered him with good wishes and love.

The fans showered him love by doing mass cake cutting in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bidarand in many other places. Ayaan Khan also distributed food and cake in orphanages and old age homes as he believes that Blessings from them play a vital role in his life, as from the time his birthday was started being celebrated on a large scale he has ensured to celebrate it first with orphanages and old age homes followed by family and his complete FanFam.

Ayaan Khan is a successful model and actor who has struggled hard to achieve in his professional career and gained a good experience in times of his struggle. He keeps his devotion and commitment towards his work as an important Ingredient to be a successful professional in the glamour world. He has developed his credibility in his profession as a hardworking and faithful soul in the industry.

Recalling his initial days when he started his career as a model at the age of 17, he had to struggle a lot to establish himself as a successful model as he had no support from his family or anybody in his embryonic life of modelling. He has similar suggestions for the aspiring models and actors who wish to do big in this industry. He recommends attributes like diligence and devotion in life. He believes that if you get your family support, it adds as a catalyst towards your success. So every family must support their children in fulfilling their dreams and passions.

He finds blessings and family support very important for anyone who struggles since it helps people to stand firm and face the challenges coming in their way. This applies to any career or goal built In his or her life and not just confined to modelling or creative field. With these ideas, he often encourages the youngsters to follow their dreams and work hard seeking the support of their families. In a sense, he has emerged now as an inspiration for many budding actors and models.

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