Meryl Streep, the actress, has some lesser-known facts that would surprise you. Check them out.

Facts About Meryl Streep You Didn’t Know

Meryl Streep is a Hollywood actress and singer who has sung and acted in multiple iconic films.

Her flourishing career ranges from “Into the Woods” to emotional films such as “Kramer vs. Kramer.”

Though you feel you know everything about her well, there are things you don’t know and so we have listed some of them here.

Meryl Streep was born Mary Louise Streep. And during an interview, she explained that she was named after her mother and grandmother and also her mother’s best friend. While Meryl was the nickname given by her father. She explained this in her words, “At birth, I had to be named Mary because my mother’s name was Mary and her mother’s name was Mary and [so on],” Streep said. “So I was born Mary and Louise was my mother’s best friend. . . Louise Buckman. So I was named after her. But I was always called Meryl. My father made that name up and he liked that name.”

In the biography written by Michael Schulman “Her Again,” her life wrote about how the actress was popular for a role in dying her hair and becoming a cheerleader. The words were, “She joined the cheerleading squad, she was the lead in every musical, she would do the French club and student council,” Schulman told NPR. “And eventually her senior year she was elected homecoming queen, which was kind of the pinnacle. It was kind of like winning best actress of her high school.”

Streep applied with the US Trademark Office to trademark her name, and as per reports, it cost $275 to just apply. This isn’t usual for celebs and in case the proposal is accepted the trademark would give her rights to her name in the Entertainment Business.

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