Samantha Akkineni is quite the sensation and not only in the South Indian film industry. The actress has been gaining recognition nationwide. Her acting prowess has been shining through in all her works. The actress possesses timeless beauty. The actress loves experimenting with new beauty routines. Even on her Instagram she quite often posts about using a steam machine to clear out her pores, a face roller for improving drainage, or even a microcurrent tool to tighten and brighten according to a Vogue report. Here are some of Samantha Akkineni’s beauty secrets so you can achieve a similar glistening glow. Check it out:

1) Keeping it Natural

She loves using natural products and when she does use makeup she goes for minimalistic and neutral looks.

2) Steaming and Vitamin Infusion Therapy

The actress believes that steaming is a great way of help with dehydrated skin. You can do it 1 or 2 times a week with some hot water, and a towel according to a Zoom Entertainment report.

According to a Zoom Entertainment report, the actress enjoys vitamin infusion therapy and claims it helps keep her skin flawless. She had once shared a post which she pactions, “Infusing tons of goodness into your skin .. helps with fine lines, pigmentation, open pores, and congested skin and dry patches and what all of you want to hear … gives you the glow,”

3) The Replenishment of Double Masking

The actress follows something called double masing where you use 2 masks instead of one. According to a Zoom Entertainment report, the actress believes applying 2 face masks gives more results.

4) Healthy Mind

The actress often shared posts with yoga poses along with meditation. She believes that yoga and meditation is a great way of destressing which inadvertently helps your skin maintain a glow.

5) Healthy Body

Healthy skin is a reflection of a good healthy body. Keeping hydrated and having a healthy diet are the first steps to getting glowing and healthy skin. The actress enjoys gardening. She often uses the fresh organic produce from her garden while cooking, according to a Vogue report. Also, never skip out on breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day! A nutritious breakfast will keep you going the entire day.

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