Subhash K Jha speaks to Zoa Morani as she recovers from Coronavirus

It is not the end of the world., it is curable: Zoa Morani on Coronavirus

Having tested positive for the coronavirus Zoa Morani is now recovering well. So is her sister who also tested positive.

In a chat on Wednesday morning Zoa said, “My sister Shaza is absolutely ok. They will test her tomorrow morning. If it shows negative the doctors will do another test, as one needs two consecutive tests before one is allowed to go home.”

As for Zoa she says she too is recovering, “I’m feeling much better. The medicines are working. I’ve my fingers crossed. My parents’ reports too will come soon. Hopefully, they won’t test positive, and we can go back home.”

Zoa wants to advise the Corona positives to stay positive. “It is not the end of the world. It is curable.”

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