The actor believes he and his brother have caught the virus but unfortunately can’t get tested

OMG: Actor Justin Long is convinced that he and his brother have contracted CORONAVIRUS

American actor and comedian Justin Long recently revealed that he, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend Maggie believe they have all gotten the viral disease, but that they aren’t in a “high risk” group, so like many others, were unable to get tested. In the new episode of his podcast series, he said that Christian’s girlfriend Maggie returned from her work trip abroad and fell ill after a couple of days. She has classic corona symptoms like dry cough and all the other symptoms people are talking about.

He added that Maggie had no fever for the last 24 hours and it’s a good sign. Justin said he and his brother had similar symptoms like Maggie but a mild version. Many celebrities have tested positive with the virus and the number of positive cases are rising exponentially. We hope the actor and his family recovers soon and all of this chaos around the world comes to an end.

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