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Parth Shukla is rising like a storm in Dhollywood

Everyone wants to attain fame and popularity but reaching the peak demands strong attitude, hard work, dedication and uniqueness. Ticking all the boxes and rising like a storm is a small town boy from Gujarat, Parth Shukla. Parth has created ripples on social media with his antics, amassing a huge fan base and regular content creation ability has carved a separate niche for Parth.

Parth Shukla is an efficient digital content creator and has a varied reach on different media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Parth is gaining appreciation from all and sundry. Parth stepped in the filmmaking at a very tender age and has learned the nuances of the same by donning different hats that include direction, acting and now Parth is foraying into production. Parth has started a production house ‘Creator Syndicate’. His latest Gujarati release ‘ Prem no Nasho’ has left spectators awestruck. He outdoes himself in his every new release.

Parth has also ventured into short film direction with ‘Fattu’. The film revolves around the strong concept of women empowerment. The short film was produced under JRK Films. Parth’s understanding of sensitive topic shows his maturity as the budding director who wants to make his career in the film industry. The direction was superb and the film has garnered over 1 lakh views on YouTube. Parth has showcased his prowess of choosing the concepts that centers around society. His second short film with JRK films was based on election awareness. Parth again outshined himself as the captain of the ship and the short film was appreciated with great reviews and likes.

With his next collaboration with JRK films and producer Jimmy Asija was the most celebrated project – The Suspect, a thriller film. Parth didn’t direct the film but he headed the other key departments that include Co-Writing & Dialogues. Parth’s sharp acumen facilitated in the role of production head, Associate Director and Action Director of the award winning short film. The commitment proves that Parth is here to stay and shine.

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