Is Samantha Akkineni pregnant for real?

Is Samantha Akkineni Pregnant? Real Or Fake

Samantha Akkineni aka Samantha Prabhu is one of the most graceful and charming actresses of the South film fraternity and she’s best known for her women-centric roles in movies like Yeh Maaya Chesave, Rangasthalam, Eega, Super Deluxe, Irumbu Therai and many more.

No wonder she’s a sensational diva who’s presence enthralls and livens up the atmosphere around her but over the years, Samantha has also been subject to seriously ‘hilarious’ rumors (that’s how she terms it). But well, isn’t that part and parcel of the life of every celebrity?

One such rumor is about Samantha Akkineni being pregnant. So when did this rumor actually originate? As per reports in Hindustan Times, Samantha was quoted as saying,

“I’m pregnant since 2017 I think, this baby really doesn’t want to come out I think”.

Well, the sarcasm there says it all readers? Let us know your views in the comments below and for more updates, stay tuned to

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