Know more about Samantha Akkineni's illness

Samantha Akkineni Is Suffering From THIS Illness

Samantha Akkineni is one actress who is gorgeousness personified in the true sense of the term and her fans and admirers love her unconditionally for everything that she does. It all started when Samantha began her career as a lead in the superhit Tamil film ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’ and ever since then, the regional South film industry realized soon enough that a new star is born. She continued the prolific work with movies like Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, Baana Kathidi, Moscowin Kavery and more than anything else, Samantha’s antics as an on-screen protagonist who plays women-centric characters with perfection helped her garner female admirers in lakhs.

While all you fans know everything about Samantha the actress, do you all know about this one illness which the actress suffers from? Well today, we reveal it all.

As per, Samantha suffers from diabetes and was diagnosed for the first time for the same in 2013.

Shocking and surprising ain’t it?

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