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“The Wedding Season Is Back in Full Swing and So Am I” – Anchor Mohit Jadhwani

The Covid-19 situation, among other things, proved to be a dampener for celebrations. Many weddings happened in the last 18 months but most of them were low-key events with a limited number of people in attendance. Mohit Jadhwani, who is known to make weddings more fun and jubilant with his anchoring skills, missed being a part of the premium weddings he was known to host but now, he is happy about the fact that the restrictions around weddings have been eased up.

“Though I host all kinds of shows and events including corporate shows and sports events, being an anchor on a wedding is a special feeling. A wedding is a very special occasion in the lives of two families and by being an emcee on it, I get to be a part of it too. I am glad weddings are being organized on a big scale again. The Wedding Season Is Back in Full Swing and so am I. I have signed up as an anchor for a few weddings already”, he says.

While Mohit was upset at missing out on hosting weddings for a while, he understands and empathizes with the reasons associated with it.

Talking about the same, he says, “Emcees or anchors are mostly hired for premium weddings, the kind where the budget is slightly on the higher side. Because of the Covid-19 situation, a lot of people lost their jobs and suffered from losses in their business. Another factor was that the government had imposed certain restrictions like the number of guests not being more than 50. Hiring emcees was difficult for some people because of budget issues and for some, it was not a viable option as they would have to strike a person off the guest list to accommodate an emcee.”
Apart from being a renowned emcee and anchor, Mohit is also a skilled disc jockey. In many of the weddings, which he anchored, he doubled up as a host and a DJ. Now, with weddings being organized in a lavish manner, he is all set to make them livelier with his wonderful anchoring skills. 

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