If Zendaya’s red carpet attire for the forthcoming Met Gala 2022 has you giddy with anticipation, you might have to wait until next year. Due to schedule issues, the protagonist of Euphoria will regrettably be unable to attend the Met Gala 2022.

At the Euphoria FYC event on April 20, 2022, Zendaya made the distressing admission about missing the Met Gala. When questioned about her intentions for the Met Gala during her interview, she replied:

“I’m gonna disappoint my fans here, but I will be working. Your girl’s gotta work and make some movies.”

She won’t be attending the annual fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the second year in a row. Zendaya let her fans down earlier in 2021 when she admitted she wouldn’t be at the Met Gala since she was busy filming the second season of Euphoria.

Zendaya always looks great, whether she’s on the red carpet or not. The actress and singer have really risen to the top of the list of eagerly anticipated participants at award presentations in recent years, regularly turning up in eye-catching outfits that become online sensations (for the right reasons).

When she attended the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards, do you remember the hot pink breastplate she wore? Or, more recently, that amazing Balmain leather dress was worn to the Venice Film Festival premiere of Dune? Yes, Zendaya certainly understands how to make a red carpet entrance. She carefully collaborates with celebrity stylist Law Roach to perfect every look.
We’ll never forget the time Zendaya paid homage to Beyoncé’s 2003 BET Awards Versace dress by donning a nearly identical style to this year’s event. Law and Zendaya also enjoy wearing vintage clothing.

Here is a compilation of Zendaya’s gorgeous Met Gala dresses from past years to rightly make up for her absence from the occasion.

Source- sportskeeda