IWMBuzz brings to you a list of all noted personalities affected with Coronavirus. Read the story for more details

#BattleCovid19 – A compiled list of Celebrities tested positive for Coronavirus

The Covid 19 aka. Coronavirus pandemic fear is for real and it has taken the entire world by storm. From thousands of people dying in different countries to the global economy taking a hit, the world is battling it all eagerly hoping for an antidote solution to the virus soon. But sadly enough, even before the antidote has been found, several people have already been affected and be it the rich or poor, famous or not so famous, it has not spared anyone. Here’s showing you a list of all the celebrities who tested positive for Covid 19.

1) Sophie Gregoire Trudeau – She is the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and she’s currently in quarantine after being tested positive.

2) Nadine Dorris – The Health Minister of UK, Nadine Dorris too has been not spared from the deadly virus. She has been tested positive as well.

3) Peter Dutton – The Australian Prime Minister is also affected by the pandemic and has been tested positive.

4) Masoumeh Ebtekar – Iran’s Vice President too hasn’t been spared and he has been tested positive for the same as well.

5) Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson – After having been tested positive , both were quarantined in a hospital in Queensland and now are currently in self quarantine at home.

6) Idris Elba & Kristofer Hivju – The Hollywood actors too haven’t been spared as they too have been tested positive for the same. Idris even added how he felt no symptoms but still has been tested positive.

7) Indira Varma – The 46- year old Game Of Thrones actor has been bed-ridden and advised rest ever since the time she has been tested positive. She had informed her fans and admirers on social media and urged her fans to stay safe.

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