Karan Johar sought to enter the airport by going past security because he was in a rush. The guard, however, summoned him to show his identification.

Bollywood Filmmaker Karan Johar Detained At Mumbai Airport For Not Showing an ID

Karan Johar was at the airport in Mumbai when something quite unpleasant occurred. The filmmaker appeared to be rushing to make his flight. Unfortunately, as is customary, he didn’t get his ID verified and moved on to the admission gate instead. The guards called him back outside to verify his ID and tickets because they were quite strict about security matters regardless of whether he was a celebrity. Internet users immediately began to troll him.

Karan Johar Walks Through Security At The Airport

On Instagram, a paparazzi posted a video of Karan Johar entering the airport’s entrance gate. He is stopped and called back by a guard, though. Karan initially wonders what happened and is perplexed. But, after realizing what this is all about, he returns and pulls his ID and airline tickets out of his suitcase to present to the security guard. Then, he enters again in a calm manner. A video of Karan shows him sporting a white jacket and black cargo pants.

Source – India Today

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