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Cinematographer Nadeem Khan hospitalised and serious

Cinematographer Nadeem Khan battling life and death: More info inside

After he fell and injured his head seriously on May 5, the condition of ace-cinematographer Nadeem Khan remains serious.

Nadeem whose brilliant camerawork in Muzaffar Ali’s Gaman, B Subhash’s Disco Dancer, Vinod Pande’s Ek Baar Phir and Yeh Nazdeekiyan and Mahesh Bhatt’s Awaargi and Kubzaa is remembered to this day, underwent brain surgery at the Lilavati hospital.

He now battles life and death.

Nadeem’s wife singer Parvati Khan (of Jimmy Jimmy fame) took time off from her stressful vigilance by her husband’s bedside to say, “Nadeem remains unconscious in the ICU of the Lilavati. He is a fighter and is silently fighting this battle. Shirdi Sai Baba’s hand is on his head.”

Explaining the complex treatment being administered to Nadeem, Mrs Khan says, “On Sunday a tracheotomy was performed on him, which is a tube connected to the air pipe in his throat to help him breathe better. The ventilator tube down his throat into his lungs is causing trauma to his vocal cords and is extremely uncomfortable for the patient and there is a risk of infection setting in when it stays in for long periods, as it is a foreign object after all”


Mrs Khan says her husband’s condition worsened on Monday night. “His heart rate shot up to 150! Emergency treatment was administered. His heart rate has been brought under control by the cardiologist. He was taken for a CT scan this morning. We are awaiting the report. Your kind prayers and good wishes are certainly helping him. His vitals are stable. Thank you so much for your genuine care and affection.towards Nadeem.”

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