The ongoing pandemic has claimed thousands on lives and Ken Shimura is one of them

CoronaVirus turns fatal for Japanese comedian Ken Shimura

With the passing days, the number of COVID-19 affected patients are on the rise and so are the number of people succumbing to the infection. We have lost some of the best actors, singers, and even the Spanish princess to this pandemic. On Monday, Japan lost its first known celebrity victim of the disease and that was Ken Shimura. He was 70. He was a well known Japanese comedian who drew inspiration from the comedy icon Jerry Lewis and his career dates back to the 1970s.

Shimura contracted the disease and was hospitalised on 20th March after developing fever and breathing issues. Shimura’s death came as he was preparing for a new film. He was also to run in the Olympic torch relay in July to represent Higashimurayama, a town in Tokyo’s suburbs. The news of his death sent shock waves throughout Japan. Many people paid their homage to this great comedian and also gathered outside the hospital he was treated. It’s certainly a great loss and the world will always remember this great comedian.

Our heartfelt respects to the departed soul and prayers for the world as a whole!

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