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After suffering huge losses, the Epic Director is in for more bad times. Read for all the details here.

Epic Director  without a  leading man

The troubles don’t seem to end for this director of monstrously budgeted pseudo-historical costume drama. After the superstar-hero walked out of his last project he quickly launched another film just to show the superstar that his departure didn’t mean a thing to him. Incidentally the Epic Director lost close to Rs 7 crores when the Superstar walked out on his film.

But now that he has launched another film with a top-notch heroine in the lead, the Epic Director faces a peculiar problem. He can’t find a single actor to play the lead opposite his superstar heroine! They all feel they’d have nothing to do in a story that revolves completely around the female protagonist.

The Epic Director has tried everybody, from a Kapoor superstar to the hottest new star on the block who stars in a film about marital infidelity. They’ve all said no. Now the Epic Director has no choice but to sign a complete newcomer for the male lead.

Such is life.

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