Indrani Haldar, a talented and versatile actress in the Bengali film industry, has finally broken her silence on her absence from acting. In an exclusive interview with Anandabazar Online, Indrani revealed that she has been away from acting due to the lack of quality projects and her desire for a memorable character that can surpass her previous work.

Indrani Halder debuted in 1986 with the Bengali TV series Tero Parbon, directed by Jochon Dastidar. She made her big screen debut opposite Prosenjit Chatterjee in Mandira (1990). She has appeared in numerous films, telefilms, and TV series and hit the pinnacle of her career with the Bengali TV series Goyenda Ginni. She appeared in critically acclaimed films such as Charachar, Dahan, Anu, Sajhbatir Rupkathara, Faltu, Tokhon Teish, etc.

Indrani’s success on the big screen led to her entry into the small screen after (Goyenda Ginni), where she achieved immense popularity with her serial ‘Sreemoyee’ (2019-2021). However, after the completion of ‘Sreemoyee,’ she has been absent from acting, citing the lack of quality projects and her desire for a memorable character.

Indrani expressed her frustration with the current state of Bengali serials, stating that most shows shut down within three months, and the average life of a series is only two to three months. She believes that taking up a project that may have a short shelf life would only harm her reputation. The actress also revealed that she has received many job offers, but the stories or characters have yet to impress her.

Rumors had been circulating that Indrani was planning to enter politics. Still, she has denied these claims, stating that she has a good relationship with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and has only attended a few events. Indrani emphasized that she is not interested in politics and is focused on acting.

Indrani’s fans and small-screen viewers have been eagerly waiting for her return to acting, and her statement has given them hope that she may soon be back on screen with a project that meets her high standards. The actress’s commitment to her craft and desire for quality projects is admirable, and her fans appreciate her honesty and dedication to her work.