There are many theories circulating in Hyderabad as to why NTR Jr and Ramcharan didn’t dance to Naatu naatu at the Oscars ceremony and had to be substituted by the amazing Jason Glover and Billy Mustapha at the last minute .

The substitute dancers, fantastic as they were, had under 24 hours to rehearse

Now, a source close to both NTR Jr and Ramcharan informs me, “Ramcharan was very excited about doing Naatu naatu live at the Oscars. It was NTR Jr who was reluctant. He cited lack of time and rehearsals. But the truth is, NTR just didn’t want to go on stage with Ramcharan.”

The source defends NTR’s decision to not go one stage.

“NTR’s fans were not happy with the way his role shaped up vis a vis Ramcharan’s role in RRR. Even in the USA, Ramcharan got more coverage and prominence for the film. NTR didn’t want any more comparisons to be made.So he stayed away from the opportunity to dance with Ramcharan for the Oscars,” says the source.

It is unlikely that Ramcharan and NTr Jr will come together for any other film in the near future.