IWMBuzz reveals a shocking piece of news of James Bond fame Olga Kurylenko being infected with Coronavirus.

OMG: James Bond actor Olga Kurylenko tests positive for Coronavirus, infected since ‘one week’

The Coronavirus pandemic fever is for real and the entire world has been hit by the deadly infection. All the industries are on the verge of a temporary shutdown and the travel and tourism industry is the worst affected. The Entertainment industry has taken a blow as several major films around the world have been delayed.

Last week, we heard about American actor Tom Hanks getting infected and now the latest name from the Film industry to get infected is James Bond fame actress Olga Kurylenko.

As per reports and a declaration from Olga herself, she has been ill for almost a week and has been tested positive for the virus.

Here’s wishing her and everyone infected a very speedy recovery. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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