IWMBuzz tells you more about Pooja Bedi complaining about poor health hygiene in Goa

SHOCKING: Pooja Bedi complains of ‘dirty hygiene’ in Goa Quarantine facility, read details here

The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown is currently ongoing in India for the fourth time. Lockdown 4.0 started from 18th May onwards. Earlier, we reported to you about Nawazuddin Siddiqui travelling back to his hometown from Mumbai to be with his ailing mother followed by actress/socialite Pooja Bedi travelling back to Goa with her fiancée Maneck Contractor during the lockdown.

And now, the latest coming from Pooja Bedi’s end is the fact that she seems to be extremely unhappy with the quarantine facility she’s been receiving in Goa. Not just that, she also complained about facing a lot of backlash for traveling in lockdown with her boyfriend despite having necessary permissions and checks. Pooja shared a video on her social media where she showed proof of the dirty hygiene being practiced in the Goa quarantine facility. She also tagged Goa Health Minister and Goa Chief Minister in her video. Check out here –

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