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Details on Michael Bay's Songbird

Songbird: Insensitive Coronavirus Actioner

Michael Bay’s new production Songbird , tapping into our most primeval fear of the Coronavirus not going away, brings the kind of fevered futuristic balderdash into our lives which we least need right now.

Bay’s film , directed by Adam Mason, is disgustingly and devastatingly dystopian. Do we really want to know that the world be locked up for the next four years and that there will be million of more deaths due to Coronavirus? Given this scenario do we give a flying frog about Mason’s futuristic Romeo and Juliet played by Sofia Karson and K J Apa as they pine for each other in a ravaged city?

Songbird(no idea why the title so so dainty) is the worst kind of exploitative cinema showing health squads breaking down the doors of Covid suspects and taking them away to unknown destinations. To reduce our current fears to a holocaustic hijinks is the worst kind of disaster- porn(and I do mean porn and not prone) cinema conceivable.

Michal Bay is notoriously famous for his action pieces. There is a story that during the filming of The Rock director Bay was trying to instruct his leading man Sean Connery on how to do his scene.

Connery apparently turned around and taunted, “Why don’t you go and blow up a bridge or something?”

Blow as many bridges as you like. But please don’t use the pandemic as the playground for your restless mind.

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