Restlessness sets in week 4 of lockdown

As We Are Into Week 4 Of Lockdown,  Bollywood Gets Restless

“I’ve never been at home for so long, and now I wish I never have to do this again,” a dear filmmaker friend tells me on the 20th day of the nation-wide lockdown.

This friend is midway through directing his latest film and he’s worried about the mounting expenses. “I understand what is going on in the world right now is of far greater importance than my film. But after this is over and when we get down to assess the losses we wouldn’t know where to begin.”

A major filmmaker has set aside the lockdown period to watch films from the 1980s. “I am seeing all the film of Bachchan Saab and Rekha M’aam and Mithunda that I can find . It was fun for a week. But now I am getting bored and restless. I want to get out of the house.”

Another filmmaker who was planning to start his next film in June says, “I don’t know what to do. My film was being planned for a June start. But now with a pileup of halted films I hear we won’t be allowed to start a new film until the pending ones are over. At home I’ve been cooking for the family and sleeping. But how much can one sleep? My body is over-rested. It needs exercise.”

A couple both of whom are associated with films is worried about their dog. “More than us, or our kids he (the dog)needs a walk.We cannot keep him in the house any longer. I saw this video of Sunny Leone and her husband taking the three kids down to the parking lot of their building and dancing for them. I think that’s really cute. But I can’t see myself doing the same. I don’t have that high level of adrenaline.”

Week 2 of the lockdown was bound to be tougher on the nation, Bollywood being no excuse. The first week we saw stars posting pictures cooking sleeping gardening. Now the adventure is over and the anxiety has set in. Many from the entertainment industry are seeking to keep themselves entertained but are thoroughly bored.

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