Take some beauty tips from gorgeous actress Samantha Akkineni.

Samantha Akkineni’s Beauty Tips With This Easy Guide

Samantha Akkineni has become the most leading actress in the South Indian film industry. The actress looks beautiful, and we just go gaga over her for her sassy looks. The actress is seen taking care of her skin and follows the skincare routine regularly. She is also seen doing yoga to feel relaxed and healthy.

Samantha Akkineni also intakes a lot of juices and healthy drinks for her skin. In the morning, she drinks Apple cider Vinegar; then, she drinks wheatgrass juice. She also drinks collagen to rehydrate her skin. The actress never fails to steam her face once or twice a week to remove the pores and to get better and healthy skin. She uses some eye gel patches all over her face. She also uses masks and prefers to use two masks for dry and dull skin.

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