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Know more about Samantha Akkineni's Healthcare NGO.

4 Lesser-Known Facts About Samantha Akkineni’s Healthcare NGO

Samantha Akkineni is the most leading actress in the South Indian film industry. She works in the Telugu and Tamil films. The actress made her debut with Telugu film Ye Maaya Chesave in 2010. She has received various awards including the Nandi award and Filmfare Award. The actress has also achieved great success in her career and has become more popular in the industry. She is a very kind-hearted actress and does various charity works.

Samantha Akkineni is involved in social work, and she loves to do it. She has started an NGO named Pratyusha Support in 2012. She started it to provide medical support for women and children. She got the help of three doctors, and she has provided the entire financial support for this program. This NGO works for women in need. It is a very nice idea which is started by Samantha and we just love her idea, and her fans appreciate the way she contributes herself to social work. She has also motivated her fans to involve in social work to help the ones who are in need. Fans love the way she has started the NGO, and her idea behind providing the medical support to women is just amazing.

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