IWMBuzz reveals why Amrish Puri aka Mogambo is the greatest villain of all time. Read the story for more details 

Why Amrish Puri Aka Mogambo Is TheMost Influential Villain In Bollywood Industry?

Since its inception, Bollywood has always been witness to some of the most menacing and captivating performances as from the negative leads. Some of the greatest in the business have been the likes Ajit, Amjad Khan, Prem Chopra, Amrish Puri and many more.

But amidst all these people, if there’s one person who stood out when performing venomous scenes thereby having the potential to almost scaring the audience to death, it was the late legendary veteran of Indian cinema, Amrish Puri. And when we recall Amrish Puri and his performances as a villain in Bollywood, we can never ever let go and not rethink about the nerve-racking and eerie way with which the man said ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’ in Mr. India.

Today, we share with you a video where we see Amrish Puri saying the iconic dialogue in the most immaculate way possible.

Check the video below –

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