Angus Maclane has revealed that Star Wars had a significant influence on Lightyear. Further information may be found by clicking here

Angus MacLane, the director of Buzz Lightyear, has said that the new picture was significantly influenced by Star Wars. Lightyear is a highly anticipated Disney Pixar film that delves into the origins of Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear. Fans will finally get to witness Buzz’s journey to infinity and beyond in the film, which will follow him on his exploits as part of Star Command. Buzz will be voiced by Captain America actor Chris Evans this time around, and the film will also have an all-star ensemble that includes Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi, and James Brolin. Lightyear is currently scheduled to hit theatres on June 17th.

During the press junket for Lightyear, MacLane discussed some of his influences in creating this famous yet under-explored environment. Unsurprisingly, MacLane has admitted that Star Wars was a major influence on the space-themed Lightyear. During his speech, MacLane described the first time he watched Star Wars as a youngster, and how the saga changed his life. While Star Wars sparked MacLane’s lengthy fascination with science fiction, the first time he watched Toy Story in 1995, he questioned, “What movie was Buzz from?” MacLane has remarked that he always questioned why no one had produced a film about Buzz before, and as a result, he resolved to make a film that would have altered the world.

Toy Story and Star Wars have collaborated before, and Lightyear is no exception. Many fans will recall the great sequence in Toy Story 2 in which Buzz meets a toy version of Zurg, who confesses to Buzz that he is his father in a hilarious tribute to The Empire Strikes Back. Since then, Buzz’s persona has acted as a parody of the Star Wars universe, making MacLane the ideal director for this new picture, as he has helmed multiple Toy Story films and is a major Star Wars enthusiast.

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