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Find out why Mia Khalifa left the adult film industry

Why did Mia Khalifa leave the adult film industry?

Mia Khalifa has been one of the most popular and talented names of the adult film industry. She’s a hottie in the true sense of the term and she’s quite literally dominated the adult industry all by herself for a long time. Her videos and photos earned viewership in millions and billions and it made her extremely popular and desired.

But her fans got the shock of their lives when last year, she decided to call it quits in the adult entertainment industry. But the big question that fans still ask is why did she leave when she was at her peak? Well, here lies the answer.

Once, during a podcast interview with BBC, Mia was quoted as saying,

“I don’t think low self-esteem discriminates against anyone. It doesn’t matter if you come from a great family or if you come from a not-so-great background, I struggled my entire childhood with weight and I never felt attractive or worthy of male attention, and suddenly in my first year of college, I start losing all this weight from making small changes and by the time I graduated, I was ready to make a bigger difference. I felt extremely self conscious about my breast because that was the first thing to go when I lost weight. I lost about 50 pounds and once I did that, I started garnering all this attention from men and I was never used to it, and I felt like unless I held on to it, and did what was asked of me to do or what was expected of me, it would go away and after feeling and what was like that validation, and you know, the compliments for the first time, I did not want that to go away.”

She further added,

It wasn’t just ‘hey, do you want to come and do porn?’ It was more so ‘Oh, you’re beautiful. Would you like to do some modelling? Oh, you have a great body, I think you should do nude modelling’, things like that. And after I came and toured the studio, it was very respectful. It was clean. Everyone who worked there was nice, like it was nothing dodgy or that made me uncomfortable.”

Well Mia, all the very best for your new journey in life. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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