Check out which one between Stargirl and Batwoman is your favorite series from 2020?

Stargirl VS Batwoman: Which Series Premiered In 2020 Did You Love The Most?

The DC Universe has got a lot of great movies on their list. But, apart from all that, they have also got some great sets of series as well, from The Arrow (2012-2020) to Lucifer (since 2016). There are two such series based on DC Comics characters, which has recently been released – Stargirl (2020) and Batwoman (2019). Both the series have got their inaugural season released and have been loved by many of the fans. They have become a big hit of 2020.

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Stargirl (2020) is one of the finest series that the DC Universe has got this year. The story is based on Courtney Whitmore, a high school student who becomes an inspiration for young heroes to stop the evils. The role of Courtney Whitmore is perfectly played by Brec Bassinger, who actually turns out to be a Stargirl. The series has also got many great actors and actresses in it too. The Stargirl series is amazingly created by Geoff Johns.

On the other hand, another American superhero series, Batwoman has also received an almost equal amount of love. It got its first season released in October 2019. The role of Ruby Rose is perfectly played by the actress and the model, Ruby Rose. The story is based on Kate Kane who takes over Gotham City as Batwoman to protect it from demons after Batman vanishes.

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