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Know the relationship details of Yeo Jin-goo


Yeo Jin-goo is a superstar in the true sense of the term when it comes to artistes from South Korea. Jin-goo began his career as a child artiste titled ‘Nation’s Little Brother’ and ever since then, his career set off on a high like never before. Apart from being a fantastic actor and voice-over artiste whose voice mesmerizes millions of people all over the world, Jin-goo is highly regarded for his uber-cool sense of fashion. While all you fans know everything about his acting and music career, how much do you all know about his relationship and love life? Today, we tell you more about it.

As per reports in, Jin-goo has revealed that he doesn’t have any girlfriend and is no real rush to find one. He also was quoted as saying that he has never been in a relationship. Now that’s quite a confession ain’t it?

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