Zara Larsson is a multi-talented woman who can do it all. Our most recent Teen Vogue cover girl has soared to the top of every musical chart, and as she’s repeatedly demonstrated with each appearance, her talent extends to rocking literally every public event.

The singer not only rules Twitter with her accessible and honest comments on feminism and life in general, but she also rules the fashion world. Zara has developed a distinct sense of style over the years, and as her fashion evolution indicates, she isn’t hesitant to switch things up or try something new. Zara’s attire has spanned a variety of colors, from an all-pink gown for a 2016 presentation to a tiny black dress with sparkles and mesh.


Now, if you were too preoccupied with listening to “All the Time” on Spotify — we understand — we’ve compiled a list of her must-see fashion moments. There are lots of looks to choose from, and even if your schedule doesn’t include any upcoming events that necessitate a stage-worthy gown, you can always start daydreaming about potential prom outfits.

Now is the time to re-listen to “All the Time,” because it’s time to relive Zara’s most memorable fashion moments.