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Actors, dancers and singers in Bollywood are often serenaded for their work and appreciated by millions of fans but one must wonder if playback singers get their due.

Does Bollywood give enough credit to its playback singers?

A good movie is a combination of the perfect storyline, amazing star cast, stellar lead actors and singers who bring their magical voice to the album and tie it all up beautifully. But it seldom happens that each and every ingredient that goes in to the recipe of making a successful movie gets equal importance or the recognition it deserves.

Even if we consider those singers, who sing the lead numbers in the movie, we know that they are serenaded for their performance and for breathing soul in to the movie. However, it is the playback singers who end up without recognition more often than not. Since, the beginning of music in Bollywood, it is a very unfortunate yet well-known fact that the playback singers always remain unrecognized by the industry. While complaints of ill-treatment at award functions were becoming common, some also said that they were addressed with wrong names and mistaken for another singer.

Most of the playback singers feel that Bollywood does not give them their due honor and rightfully so! Not only the singers but even the music composers and the lyricists do not get enough acknowledgements due to the unhealthy ecosystem that may have been a part of this music industry. The playback singers claim that they are being deprived of many things, including name and fame, and this becomes a major hindrance when trying to make a name and brand of oneself.

While some believe that due to more number of singers in recent times, they are being stripped of the recognition, there are others who say that credit cannot be demanded. According to them, your work should speak for itself and if your work is good then recognition couldn’t be that far anyway, can it?

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