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Who would you love to become more acquainted with? Dhvani Bhanushali or Shirley Setia

Dhvani Bhanusali vs Shirley Setia: Who would you love to go on a date with?

Dhvani Bhanushali is from Mumbai and is an amazing singer. She has been the first Indian singer to rank the billboard. Also, her song Vaaste was the first song to cross 10 million views in a day of its release. Being 21-years old, she has collaborated with the legend Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for the song Ishtehaar. Her solo songs Leja Re, Vaaste, Mein Teri Hoon are her major chartbusters. She is a lively soul always in a bubbly spirit. Also, she is a beauty and if you ever decide to meet her, it will be one hell of a time because she will amaze you with what she’s got.

The doll-faced peach, Shirley Setia is also known as the Pyjama Popstar. She aspires to become a Bollywood singer and the melody in her voice has taken her closer to that dream. She is an Indian girl living in Auckland and has made people go crazy with her voice. She also ranks among the top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels list in New Zealand with 3.2 million subscribers. She got a notable recognition for Tera Chehra. She is one of those voices that finds a way to your heart. And if ever get to go on a date with this beauty, it is like a dream come true. She is full of life and a fun person to spend time with.

If you ever get a chance to meet and go on a date, who would you choose among these two? Dhvani Bhanushali or Shirley Setia.

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