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Ganesh Sharma As Santy Sharma: Top 3 Hits By The Young Singer & Rapper

There are a lot of people that we come across everyday who have a lot of talent and are ready to utilise it to the fullest extent. Santy Sharma is a very talented person, he is an artist and sings as well as raps In English as well as Hindi.

Santy Sharma Has a lot of experience in the music industry and is certainly not new because he started off very early in 2016, that is more than four years ago in the timeline. His songs were very popular and after his first 3 songs from early on, he really gained a lot of fan following. You can find these latest releases in a lot of music platforms as well as the YouTube channel.

The very latest release is ‘Killin’. It is a must watch because it gives us an insight on the underground hip hop culture of India. It is quite an experience, basically having an idea from a first hand experience. What better way to learn about it than from a true artist.

He basically releases his music first hand in his official YouTube channel and then it is available in a lot of forms, you can also download it from some places. There are obviously a lot of people who really like to just vibe to his songs because they are most of the time relatable and also pretty catchy.

Santy Sharma makes one of the best beats. Because of his experience, he is capable of influencing people with his amazing songs and also his fashion blogging. Yes, this young man is also a Blogger and has a very good sense of clothing. This led him to share his knowledge or not only music but also his amazing taste in fashion. So, he has a lot of followers not only from the music industry but also people who really like to look good on a daily basis. This can be observed on his social media accounts, be it Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. One of his earliest songs go back to 2017, named Udaan. It has a few 420K+ views.

Here is a list of his songs that are available:
• Udaan
• Koshish Meri
• Suni Suni Sadko
• Killin
• Ek Thi Meri Girlfriend
• Peeta Daaru
• Tribute to Raftaar

The tribute to Raftaar has really hit off the charts, everyone including Santy Sharma himself is very proud of it.