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Daler Mehndi, the iconic Punjabi pop singer is responsible for making Indipop reach the heights of fame in the music industry.

Iconic tracks of Daler Mehndi that that will make you dance along

The decency of the 1990s witnessed surging of Indipop in India and the singer was responsible for making it famous internationally too. Through his groovy numbers of those days, in which Mehndi infused the traditional Indian music with the pop, he puts every dancing feet forward at the events.

His were the most dominating numbers in any music charts. Daler also gave a lot of chartbuster of Indian music during the 90s to the industry of Bollywood.

Just the way time is divided into ‘before (B.C) and after christ (A.D)eras, Indian Indipop music can be bifurcated as pre and post-Mehndi era. Such is the contribution of Daler to Indian music Industry.

Few of his crooning numbers are played even today at DJ’s such as:

Bolo Ta Ra Ra,

Na Na Na Na Na Re,

Kudiyan Sehar Diyan

Ho Jayegi Balle Balle

Dardi Rab Rab Kardi

Aha chiknak chiknak

Tunak Tunak Tun

His other famous work includes songs like

Dangal Title track

Bhootni ke

Jiyo re Baahubali

He is the man who redefined music putting his heart and soul into it. And his craftsmanship won the heart of his ardent fans for almost two decades. The music in his album was so heart throbbing that even those who claim to be non-dancer used to stand up to dance their heart out.

His foot thumping’ Na Na Naa Re’ was the first song in Bollywood in which the playback singer took the centre stage with the leading actor of the movie, Amitabh Bachchan in this sequence. This proves that Mehndi was no less celebrity in those days who got the honour to stand beside the legendary actor.

He caught the pulse of Indian music lovers by repeating certain phrases in his songs which people would like to sing along with him.

This formula made his every number(song) an instant hit amongst every generation of audiences.
His first album ‘Bolo Tara Ra Ra’ was released in 1955 and it was such a major hit that established him as a pop star in the music industry. He introduced a new genre of music popularly known as ‘Rabbabi’. This newly formed music category was the combination of Thumri and Sufi with Rock music.

His ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’ music video released in 1998 made him an internationally renowned star. This album was such a major hit that EDM artist DeadMau 5 remix it in 2014 to perform along with him at Sunburn festival in Delhi.

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