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Check Out: ITZY Girl group's COMBINED Net Worth Will Leave You Stun

ITZY Girl group’s COMBINED Net Worth Will Leave You Stun

Itzy is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment. It is a five member group: Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. The group debuted onFebruary 12, 2019, with the release of their single album, It’z Different. The group continued with their showcase tour in the United States, starting on January 17 in Los Angeles.

All the five girls are immensely talented and versatile. We can see it through their performance. Their It’z Different lead single Dalla Dalla crossed over 100million views and also become the second most popular song on YouTube. Their music is more peppy and cool with their unique dancing and singing. All the girls have received a quick stardom and have been nicknamed individually by their fans. The group has debuted just a year back but gained a lot of success in no time. The girls are fun loving and always seen to be happy and smiling.

According to, the group has got an estimated net worth of $777,000 and they have many more years to come.

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