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Here’s why Mohammed Rafi is still considered to be the awe-inspiring personality of the music industry

Mohammed Rafi- The everlasting singer of the millennium

The person to have been loved by many and considered to be the best role model by many is none other than Mohammed Rafi. He was a notable singer who had great versatility and each of his songs would be unique and different from another. He could be found in any genre from dance numbers to valentine songs, a patriotic song to sad number, qawwali to ghazals and bhajans to classic- he was everywhere.

Why was Mohammed Rafi consider to be the best? Well, he had the art to lip-sync with the on-screen singer as well as he had the witchery to keep you hooked with his voice. He has sung not just in Indian languages but also in many foreign languages.

Just like every other normal person, Mohammad Rafi had his stormy days but he conquered those and rose to prominence very skilfully. There have been many singers to be inspired by his spectacular voice. And there were some to have imitated him.

There are many of Rafi’s popular songs that have also been recreated even today. Still, confused as to why Mohammed Rafi is the best millennium singer? Here are some of his best tracks for you to listen to and believe.

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