My mother re-stitched her clothes so that I could shoot for the video: Puja Agarwal | IWMBuzz

The actor was in her hometown Abu Road when the video was offered to her, she hardly had clothes to shoot for the video amidst lockdown, her mother re-stitched her clothes to use for video

My mother re-stitched her clothes so that I could shoot for the video: Puja Agarwal

What was planned to be a leisure trip to her hometown converted into a work trip as actor Puja Agarwal made her debut in the music video space with the song ‘Mere Sukh bhi Tere Nein’. The song is a latest offering from T Series banner and features singer and lead pair Samrat Sarkar alongside Puja. The actor played a cameo in Rohit Shetty’s Simmba and Priyanka Chopra’s Firebrand. Her last campaign, ‘Main bhi Chowkidar’ with Narendra Modi got viral.

“I came to my hometown, Abu Road, in the initial days of lockdown. Of course by then no one knew that we would be under the lockdown phase for months. So I picked up a handful of clothes and went home with a perception of returning to Mumbai within a week or so and now it has been more than 5 months I am in my hometown”, says Puja.

“When I was offered the song, I was very excited but soon realized I did not have much of my costumes which were needed. So my mother re-stitched her clothes so that I could use for the video. The interesting bit is it’s a complete re-designed garment from her traditional one to modern look in the video. It has come out very well and I am really glad to make use of it. On the shoot front, Samrat and I shot our portions individually with only one camera man to shoot the video. But I am really glad that the video has come out nice and elegant and people are appreciating my work in it. This is my first music video debut which makes it all the more special and shooting under such circumstances will make it more memorable”, says Puja

The concept of ‘Mere Sukh bhi Tere Nein’ is a romantic soulful number which depicts a couple who are united by love but distant by location. It is a sweet story of how past memories plays an important role in people’s lives where they learn to cherish and recall the good memories and be happy during these tough times.

The song is shot within a span of a week where Samrat who was in Dubai then, shot his initial portions with it and took clearance from Mumbai police to shoot in filmcity and adjoining area where Puja shot for the video completely in her hometown, Abu Road. ‘Mere Sukh bhi Tere Nein’ was recently released under T Series banner.

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