These are some questions asked to Jonita Gandhi by Times of India.

1. You went to school in Canada. How did you end up working in the Indian market?

Jonita Said: “My family used to listen to Bollywood music all the time while I was growing up. My father is a hobbyist musician who has a band that does local concerts, so they would practice at our place. I began playing with my father’s band when I was very young, and I also competed in singing competitions. I was performing at international events by the time I got to university. I had the opportunity to play and tour with Sonu Nigam just as I was graduating from university. After graduation, I decided to take a year off to explore what my options were for continuing singing as a professional career in India. I’m delighted things worked out the way they did so that I was able to remain longer and establish a career.”

2. What are your ancestors’ origins? Do you know how to communicate in Punjabi?

Jonita Said: “My family is Punjabi, despite the fact that my surname gives the impression that I am Gujarati. We’re from Delhi, and I grew up hearing Punjabi spoken by my parents and family at home. I wouldn’t call myself a Punjabi native speaker, but I do speak Punjabi with my grandmother on occasion and can follow along in a discussion.”

3. How does it feel to be a newcomer to the Indian music industry at a time when there are so many reality programs churning out new singers? Do you feel frightened by all of the rivalry?

Jonita Said: “One thing I’ve learned since joining the profession is that there is room for everyone. There is enough work for everyone to flourish in their own fields. We each have our own distinct characteristics that define who we are. For me, being focused on myself and always honing my talents is preferable since I know the sky’s the limit, regardless of how many people are in the field. No matter how many performers there are, music will always have an audience.”

4. Deep Jandu’s music has a unique, and at times dismal, sound. What genre does this song belong to?

Jonita Said: “It was such a pleasure to work with Deep and his crew. ‘Mera Jee Karda’ is a Punjabi urban song about a long-distance relationship. I really enjoy the atmosphere of it, and I’ve heard a lot of nice feedback from viewers.”