Ace singer Nitz Kakkar, who had featured TV actor Leena Jumani on his last music video, will now romance TikTok star Nisha Gurgain in his next music video, titled Sarita Bhabhi.

Noted singer Nitz Kakkar ropes in TikTok star Nisha Gurgain for his next

Nitz Kakkar in on a roll these days. The noted singer, who comes from the famous Kakkar background, had roped in TV actor Leena Jumani for his last song, titled Tera Crop Top. It’s a step in the right direction for him, to rope in TikTok star Nisha Gurgain as his muse in his next music video, titled Sarita Bhabhi. Nisha has more than 20 million followers as her fan base.

The singer shared, “Sarita Bhabhi is a fun loving, romantic number set in Delhi. The music video will see Sarita Bhabhi (played by Nisha) and her husband (played by me) and his struggle to manage to get into the house without the keys, where he requests her to unbolt the door, with his friends helping him throughout. This song will be shot in a typical North Indian set up, where it is very common for a guy and a girl to talk through eye contact across the road, hanging out in their balconies.”

Well, the premise of the video sure seems interesting. Good luck for its success, Nitz!

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