Bollywood has always provided us with enduring memories in the shape of movies, performers, or songs. It has repeatedly given us beautiful, soul-stirring melodies and singers who have died and gone on to become legendary because of their talent. Especially Shreya Ghoshal, who touched our hearts with their deep tunes and has become immortal on the strength of their talent, we are giving you the best Bollywood has to offer today.

One of the most recognizable vocalists in Bollywood is Shreya Ghoshal. Her beautiful voice has awed the listeners. For her singing abilities, the singer has received numerous awards. She also participates in the creation of love songs for the screen.

And now, we’re sharing a few of her most well-known love songs that you’d like to hear at any time.

The song Samjhawan, which stars Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, is from the popular film Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. It is a love ballad that expresses the suffering being apart from a loved one causes. It would be nice to hear it repeatedly.

Pehli Nazar Mein from the film Race still manages to hit the appropriate note with the audience even after eight long years. If you had recently experienced love, you would be able to relate to it much more. In this sultry song, Atif’s gruff voice is pure joy.

Piya O Re Piya is a delightful song to witness the adorable real-life pair Riteish and Genelia fall in love while listening to this upbeat song by Shreya and Atif. Piya o re piya is a song that demonstrates how these two singers can elevate even the most basic of tunes to a new level.

One of the nicest choices the music director made was to have Shreya Ghoshal perform the female version of Ankit Tiwari’s incredibly romantic song, Sun Raha Hai Na. One would not mind hearing the reprise often because Shreya performs it flawlessly and it is a gift for the ears of music lovers.

The song Deewani Mastani, which lasts five minutes and twenty-five seconds, is pure joy. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s gorgeous composition benefits from Shreya Ghoshal’s Midas touch, or more specifically, her vocals. Everything about this song is just perfect, from Shreya Ghoshal’s incredible vocals to the visuals.