Jonita Gandhi has released her debut solo Punjabi track, ‘Chal Koi Na,’ which is her maiden foray into the urban Punjabi scene.

The song, which was shot in the beautiful locations of Hawaii, portrays Jonita as a force of nature while harping on the notion of letting go.

The singer remarked, “Talking about the song and entering into a new realm,” “For a few months, I’ve been working on this song. A few months back, I began doing a lot more work in the urban Punjabi (music) scene. Treehouse VHT, my label, is where I started this new adventure.”

She continued: “I had a couple of collaborations with Mickey Singh, including ‘NA NA’ and ‘4 AM,’ and then this song, It’s a song about letting go, and it came together thanks to a lot of hard effort from a wonderful group of people. Many individuals invested a lot of time and effort into the song and video.”

Jonita remarked on the song’s creation process: “The creative process of this song was absolutely distant. As a result, this is one of the few times when the writing process was relatively free of jams. Simar’s Punjabi lyrics were previously composed before she arrived in the country. I just adored what she had written, and I believe it contains such a lovely message.”

She said at the end: “Simar, I believe, is also a big fan of this song. It’s a breakup song in the sense that it’s about parting ways with that particular someone, but it’s done in a really good and mature way because these things are sometimes beyond our control.”